Sequence was developed by the small time company Iridium Studios and released on the 20th of October on the steam platform. The game blends several genres into one experience namely Adventure, RPG & Rhythm action, this odd combination proves to be a well thought out venture and the game is grossly entertaining for the most part.

Naia & Ky

Sequence puts you in the shoes of Ky who awakes inside of a mysterious tower only to be told by the voice of a girl called Naia that he needs to ascend through the seven levels of the tower to defeat the one who imprisoned him there. Kys’ only ally is the mysterious guide Naia as he ascends through all seven levels of the tower to find where he is and why he was taken. The story is told mainly through the use of small cutscenes which are done in a simplistic static format with no real moving animation just backgrounds and sprites. The game utilises voiceovers which are done quite well and don’t feel forced just continue the plot, most of the bosses and the two main characters all have very individual voices and the writing compliments this power throwing in a few jokes here and there. The story is very light hearted for the most part and keeps the game interesting and flowing smoothly.

This game blends a unique cross between adventure, RPG and rhythm action forcing the player to not only think tactically but by adding the musical element all of the thought needs to be done ‘on the fly’ since you won’t have time to plan out your moves perfectly with a stream of notes coming down the screen at you. This game is very complicated but with many thanks to the tutorial to ease you in gently. You are given three different fields one for Mana, Attack and Defence respectively each one has arrows flowing down it in time with the music and by hitting those notes in time you can either regain mana, attack your enemy or defend from your enemies attack the comparison would dance dance revolution meets RPG the goal is to lower your opponents HP to 0 before they can lower yours. So you have to balance these three aspects within each battle choosing sometimes to take a few points of damage to cast your spell or choosing to defend whilst needing to charge your mana, But there is a twist and that is that each enemy must be defeated before the time limit which is usually the length of the song playing in that particular battle. This battle system is very refined and its quite obvious a lot of work has been put in to give it depth whilst not making it inaccessible to the casual gamer, but even so it is tough to get a grip on it, the tutorial does a great job of giving you the basics but you will hone your skills over the course of the game it also offers different difficulty levels so even the most uncoordinated person can put it in easy and still find it enjoyable.


As I mentioned before the game itself goes for a static presentation utilising only sprites and backgrounds to tell a story, the art was done by a small artist by the name of Wendi Chen and to sum it up simply the visuals are gorgeously drawn and set the scenes perfectly the fit the tone and the style well and the characters all posses unique visual features or quirks giving them each something individual and diverse across the seven bosses and the monsters. I may be a sucker for great art design but sequence is a perfect example of how less can be more.

Music is an important aspect of any rhythm action game and I can safely say that Sequence does that job well having its own custom soundtrack made by Ronald Jenkees and Michael Wade Hamilton and is a nice compliment to the setting whilst at the same time providing and interesting gameplay experience these two artists both add to the game with their electro vibes. I don’t think I really need to say anymore since you can just check their stuff right HERE and HERE

To sum up, Sequence is a great indie game there is a lot of thought shown in how the game presents itself and they got a great product out of it, everything from the soundtrack to the gameplay to the art design comes together. This game isn’t for everybody but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Sequence is available on Steam and XBLA


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